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Trippy flip milk chocolate bar



Trippy flip milk chocolate bar

Trippy flip milk chocolate bar is a delicious, appetizing, and energizing mood-lifting mushroom chocolate bar. This Trippy Flip Mushroom chocolate bar is made of flavorful mushrooms that are harvested in high altitudes and have been specially processed to deliver the most effective dose of them.

Trippy flip milk chocolate bar is a unique and fun candy bar from the creators of trippy flip. This deliciously fun candy bar features a chewy dark chocolate enrobed in white, milk and dark chocolate. Inside each creamy center is the secret ingredient: a genuine 100% edible mushroom that looks like an ordinary brownie! This unique trippy chocolate bar is sure to surprise anyone who unwraps it – and makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

The perfect combination of chocolate and mushroom. This vegan-friendly chocolate bar is a must-have for anyone who loves mushrooms or trippy experiences.

Trippy flip chocolate bars are a unique mushroom shaped chocolate bar. This unique chocolate is made with 100% organic cacao, and hand made in Thailand. Keep it simple and buy these chocolate bars online.

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Our line of trippy flip chocolate bars are made from fresh and natural ingredients. Chocolate is made from the finest ingredients and delivers a unique flavor with every bite. This chocolate bar is infused with mushrooms for an added kick!

Indulge in a unique chocolate experience with this trippy flip milk chocolate bar. Special enough to share, yet affordable enough to enjoy alone.

Bring the psychedelic fun to your party with this beautiful trippy flip chocolate bar. Trippy Flip chocolate bars are an exciting new way to make melting and flipping more fun! Simply place a Trippy Flip chocolate bar into the palm of your hand, curl your fingers over it, let go of it and watch as the magic happens.

A chocolate bar with a texture of mushroom to bring up the fun! Taste the exciting experience of being in a wild forest with this trippy flip milk chocolate bar.

Trippy flip chocolate bar, tasty and unique.

Celebrate life in a tasty way with the Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar. This delicious bar contains multiple layers of premium milk chocolate and is dusted with colorful candy sprinkles to create a “flip-flop” effect when you bite into it. Great for parties, weddings and event celebrations, this premium chocolate bar is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

This uniquely flavored chocolate bar will surely delight chocoholics around the world. The finely crafted chocolate we use is made from the finest ingredients and is completely dairy free and vegan-friendly, so our product will leave you with a well-rounded flavor palette

We have the best Trippy flip milk chocolate bar for sale – Buy chocolate bars online and get a tasty mushroom chocolate. We are selling trippy flip chocolate bars of the best quality and milk chocolate taste. Order now!

Trippy flip milk chocolate bar is available in the market to buy. Get trippy flip mushroom chocolate bar by purchasing from our luxuriously designed website.

Trippy Flip is a unique chocolate bar for sale. Get your high quality organic Trippy Flip mushroom chocolate bars today to celebrate the Trippy season!

Get the taste of the psychedelic experience in our Trippy Flip Mushroom Chocolate Bars. This trippy chocolate bar features a mushroom design on its paper wrapper, with two googly eyes and yellow swirls on a blue background. Buy now!


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